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Westley: Beyond A Joke

21 November 2012

Preston North End boss Graham Westley gives his reaction to the 0-0 draw at home to Notts County

“They want to do so well for Preston North End that it is stopping their confidence coming through. I have seen so many good things that we have the level to win game after game and it is just around the corner.”

“The players want to do so well here at Deepdale and show the fans that they are winning players and sometimes that can put a little bit of nerves into their game.

more potent going forward.
“We are looking more likely to keep clean sheets now and that is because of the work ethic of the team, we need to sharpen our cutting edge and sustain the defensive element to our game whilst we are a bit

“I don’t know what the chance count was tonight but I am sure that Steve Simonsen’s gloves are clean and their goal lived a very charmed life over the 90 minutes.

He concluded: “The team has dominated the game once again without winning; we were by far the better team over the 90 minutes.

Pleased with his side’s efforts, Westley can see a bright future for his squad and thinks a winning run is not far away as North End made it seven unbeaten in all competitions.

Turning his attention to the game, North End dominated proceedings, particularly in the first half with a number of chances falling the Lilywhites’ way.

“I faced it in the past and I brought it to people’s attention and in fairness they have listened, they have learned and they have done the right thing.”

“It is going against us because Preston North End are in League One, it is a bit because it is me and jealously because both the Club and me are used to winning and being successful, and you get jealously when you are in that situation.

“Mousinho walks off the field of play and ends up being out for six months instead of three, they are playing with people’s lives and it needs to be dealt with.

“We shouldn’t be facing these kinds of consequences; I have talked about how it has happened to me before with John Mousinho being forced to walk off the field of play with a broken foot because the referee said we know what you lot are like.

“I watch an honest group of lads playing football, I have seen Carlisle, Brentford and Notts County come here and stop the game. Talk about gamesmanship, people have done a very clever job on us giving the impression that we are something very different than what we are.

“It has got to the point where it is beyond a joke, I hope it wouldn’t take a serious injury to bring it to everybody’s attention but we have to get something done about it. There is a prejudice going on and it needs to be stop.

“Having a look at the footage when John Welsh kicked the ball out of play and we were given the corner, we managed to get a corner from Welsh having his leg swiped away.

“How are we not getting goals given when the ball has crossed the line, why are we not getting penalties when they are clear?

“Who’s telling them what we are like? Whose prejudicing these officials and we are getting incidents were we are getting players stretched off and incidents going unpunished.

“We have already spoken tonight and we are going to get together now and a series of incidents, Nicky Wroe came into the dressing room afterwards and told me the referee he had said we know what you lot are like. 

“If the players are right and a two footed challenge has gone unpunished then that leads to follow ups, other situations and consequences.

“I haven’t seen but the players view on the two footed challenge on Jack King, I can’t call into belief that was a straight red card. He went two footed into the challenge, I have spoken to the referee and his assistants afterwards and they had a different view.

“I have spoken in press-conferences before about my worries and fears and the way in refereeing of games is going to cause serious injury.

“It was horrible; their manager said it was a winger’s challenge. It was obscene, there was no other intent except to be completely reckless and put someone else in serious danger.”

“It is not my apology to accept, there is a boy currently lying in hospital, it is their matter to deal with.

“I thought the challenge was disgusting, the kid [Campbell-Ryce] came and spoke to me at the dressing room door after the game offering me an apology. I didn’t know what to say to him, what do you say to someone who says sorry I didn’t mean it.

Describing Jamal Campbell-Ryce’s challenge as ‘horrible’ the PNE boss questioned a number of decisions throughout the game at Deepdale including a stern challenge on Jack King midway through the second half.

The game was marred by the serious injury sustained to left back Scott Laird in stoppage time, with it later revealed that the 24-year-old has broken his left tibia.

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