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Westley's Carlisle Reaction

6 November 2012

Manager Graham Westley couldn’t hide his feelings after his side’s controversial draw with League One rivals Carlisle United.

“The support was outstanding and the point in the end, you have to look at the fanbase and say they played a massive point in earning that point.”

“They didn’t let off, they didn’t stop supporting the team, the fans occasionally got frustrated  and I was trying myself to say be patient and let the players build from the back and try and create the moment they are looking for.

“I must mention the fans base here tonight, they were outstanding, it is support like we have had here tonight that makes difference and wins you points.

“Make me understand why that gets a yellow card and that doesn’t get a yellow card, I am not campaigning for players to get yellow cards but I am campaigning for my players to get a crack at the whip.

“I am going to have to start sending some footage in showing a decision, tell me why the ball crosses the line and the goal doesn’t get given?

“Maybe it is because we are a big Club and people think they should come and make their mark but something definitely needs looking at because the way decisions are going isn’t right.

“Jeffrey Monakana missed tonight’s game, what did he take a card for on Saturday? Richard Hines made a similar but a more aggressive foul for Yeovil at the other end and got nothing apart from we got a free-kick. I do not understand it at all and I feel for the players because there is something that we have done to create this situation and I don’t know what it is.

“Why is Paul Huntington on a yellow card tonight? What has he done, he gets fouled, he gets a yellow card and he is now banned on Saturday. I look at the decisions through a game and I ask myself what is going on with these decisions.

“I don’t know how much time they wasted but I am also sick to death of fourth officials saying the referee has got time in hand. What does the referee has got time in hand mean when the goalkeeper is taking a minute to take a goal kick?

“Carlisle were playing the direct route with the one in front of their back four and they kept their back four at home. It was difficult to break them down, they are an experienced side, they frustrated the game.

“We played two centre forwards and one in behind with a loose left side; we tried to give ourselves a route to goal.

“Great credit to Lee Holmes, he showed real quality and ambition in his play, he was intelligent and it was a credit and fully deserved for him to cross the ball for Graham Cummins equaliser.

“In the end credit to the players for their patience, they didn’t take no for an answer tonight, possibly early on in the season we would have lost 1-0 and we wouldn’t have shown enough to come back into the game.

“The players and the supporters knew the ball had cross the line, all the indicators were there and so was the evidence. We are not the first Club not to have a goal given but it does always seems to be us and we need to start thinking seriously about what is going on.

“I do not understand that, I am going to study that video and that moment when the referee went to blow the whistle and pulled it away in added time as they went on the counter, I am going to look very closely at that.

“Another thing I am going to look at very closely is in added time tonight, after we scored our goal I saw the referee put his whistle to his mouth and Carlisle countered and the whistle came away from his mouth.

“I am sick to death with decisions not going our way, when we even score a goal we don’t get it given and we need to closely look into it.

“I am frustrated, I know referees get briefed and I don’t know what these briefings are about but I understand from the past this subject of gamesmanship when we went up to Carlisle and all that nonsense.

“I look at Sodje hand ball in the second half which gets given, the goalkeeper comes out and makes contact with him. If Sodje has touched the ball with his hand, the goalkeeper had made contact with Sodje so if the keeper had pushed him into a situation where he has handled the ball, the foul is on Sodje.

“The penalty gets given, 2500 minutes since we were given a penalty, every single moment that goes the other way in our box gets given.

“They have got good experience in how to frustrate a ground, you score the early goal, you spring them out and then you can play but we don’t get the early goal even though we had earned it and it is a different game.

“You have got a linesman and a referee employed to see the ball cross the line and it doesn’t get given. It makes a massive difference; you get the early goal which is always our intention against a side which has got a good away record and nearly a Play-Off team last season.

“I am staggered that the goal wasn’t given early on, the corner. I could see from the dugout that the ball was over the line by a distance. It is a yard over the line, even two, I can see it from the dugout.

Sharing his thoughts, Westley said: “I am getting sick to death with decisions, really frustrated by decisions getting taken and made not in our favour or against us.

The incident that sparked Westley’s anger came early in the game with video evidence showing Scott Laird’s corner was a considerable way over the line, but was somehow missed by the match officials.

The boss was full of emotion as he spoke to the local press after his side’s last gasp equaliser against the Cumbrians, as Graham Cummins scored his first goal at Deepdale.

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