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Preston Guild Matches

7 September 2012

Preston North End has recorded connections to Preston Guild going way back to 1882...

Having said that, the lads were not then a ‘team’, not called North End and not footballers! Some of them are said to have been part of the group that moved to Moor Park in 1867 before moving on again, over to Deepdale, in 1875.

It has been said that our origins could actually go right back to 1862 as a few youths played a game of cricket on Preston Marsh during the 1862 Guild week. 

Even so, only a paltry gate of 1,441 was recorded as the Scots went home with a 2-0 win under their belts.

Twenty years ago the Preston Guild game was against Scottish opposition again, as Dundee were the invited guests. The game, sponsored by “The Famous Grouse” kicked off at noon, with children under 16 allowed in for free.

Mind you there was a counter attraction opposite the ground on Moor Park, as the Guild Industries Exhibition was being held. The local sports reporter of the time said that “It was a game to forget, so perhaps, the less said, the better!”

This reflects in the poor attendance for the Guild game against Kilmarnock. Only 2,262 turned up to see a drab 0-0 friendly. 

By the time that the 1972 Preston Guild came around, the Club had suffered a couple of relegations and were struggling to attract fans back to Deepdale. 

Second-half goals from Charlie Wayman and Sir Tom Finney sent the majority of the 19,813 home happy. Preston had played a friendly game over in Geneva two years earlier.

On the 3rd September 1952 Preston North End invited the Swiss team, Servette FC of Geneva, over to help celebrate the Guild. 
The Preston Guild of 1942 was cancelled due to the Second World War and was reinstated in 1952.

The 1922 Preston Guild game saw the Scottish giants, Glasgow Rangers, appearing at Deepdale as opponents for the Guild match. A crowd of 21,359 attended Deepdale to witness a 1-1 draw.

Twenty years later a lot had happened, as the country was still getting over the effects of the First World War.

Two friendly games were played during the first week of September 1902 the first being against Manchester United, and the second against old foes, Blackburn Rovers. North End won both games, United 5-1 and Rovers by 2-1.

By the time of the next Preston Guild, in 1902, Preston North End had by then actually peaked in the Club’s history, being the inaugural league champions during the 1888/1889 season. 

Consequently they lost very comprehensively by 12-2, to Blackburn Rovers.  Three days later, on 8th September 1882, a five-a-side competition was held at Deepdale. Six teams entered with Blackburn Rovers beating Blackburn Olympic in the final.

North End had only been playing football since 1880 so were very naive and still learning the arts of the game. 

Despite having been at Deepdale since January 1875, albeit playing cricket and rugby, the Club did play a football match to celebrate the 1882 Preston Guild. 

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