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The Scott Laird Diaries – Day Five

12 April 2013

Today is the fifth and final diary from the Scot who is now well on the way back to full fitness.

In this edition,the day before the Lilywhites play Brentford,  Lairdy discusses the weird and wonderful world of goalkeeping and thanks everyone for the support he has received during his recovery.

PNE Player subscribers, don’t forget that a video of the North End No.3 tackling the ‘It’s a knockout’ course and an exclusive interview with the full back are now available to watch.

So for the last time, sit back, relax and enjoy the final edition of The Scott Laird Diaries…

Day 5 - Friday 15th March 2013 

9.30am   -  Jacko's [Matt Jackson]has got his knickers in a twist as they are leaving for London straight after training, so we get on with what he has put up on the board.

Joel [Byrom] and I are joined by Will [Hayhurst] and Bailey [Wright] as they are struggling with injuries from Tuesday and they both sit on the spinning bikes warming-up while Joel and I put on a master class of head tennis for them. 

10.45am  -   I got beat again, I'm getting better though, he just keeps getting it back. 

Our fitness today consists of skipping and spinning.

Two minutes of skipping and one minute on the bike - ten sets. 

11.30am  -   Weights time, as I'm setting up there is lots of banging on the side of the gym.

I go out to investigate and find the goalies and Ali [Uzunhasanoglu] whacking balls at each other and smacking them of the side of the gym.

There has always been the saying that you have to be a bit loopy to be a goalkeeper and I can assure you after seeing what they were doing that saying is true.

12.30am  -   The lads are back in and running around getting stuff ready and showering before heading off to the train station.

The darts team squeeze in a quick game and Tumble [John Dreyer] is walking round telling stories.

That's a brief overview of my week in training.

I hope it's been interesting and a good read.

My leg is healing really well and hopefully I can get involved again before the end of the season.

I will be ready for pre-season and there have been no complications which is brilliant.

I've said it before but I want to say it again, thank you to everyone for all your kind messages and words I've received since my injury.

I'm really looking forward to getting back and proving myself to the new management and repaying you all.

Lairdy x

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