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The Scott Laird Diaries – Day Four

11 April 2013

Today is the penultimate issue of the full back’s diary as he takes on the infamous ‘It’s a knockout course’.

Tomorrow we will have a final diary from Lairdy and PNE Player subscribers will get to see an exclusive video of the defender tackling his arch nemesis training course as well as an interview with the man himself.

But for now, sit back and enjoy the latest edition of The Scott Laird Diaries…

Day 4 - Thursday 14th March 2013 

9.30  -   I arrive today to Bailey [Wright] and Kingy [Jack King] like Rodney and Del Boy standing at the back of their car with the boot open giving everyone who arrives a pie or two.

They've got about 50 pies and 30 different cakes.

Kingy is trying to hide as many cakes as possible for himself but I sniff them out.

I grab a butter pie or two and stick them in the car.

Not having a lot to eat this morning as Jacko [Matt Jackson] has a little game/workout for myself and Jozza [Joel Byrom] today.

10.00am   -  'Top 10 at ten' and Joel's daily football question, it's a good one today.

Which eight players with their last name ending in 'O' have scored more than 20 champions league goals?

While we are doing our daily warm-up Jacko is busy on the mini Astroturf pitch setting up what he calls his very own 'It's A Knock-Out'.

10.30am  -   The course is ready, Jacko is chuffed with himself for remembering the order of the course from the last time he did it.

We start with a walk along the balance beam, followed by a two footed jump over the first hurdle, crawling under the second and another two footed jump over the third.

The middle section consists of running over the foamy mattress and quick feet through about 20 cones and six mini runs, in and out of more cones.

Just before the last obstacles we have three weight's bags, each one a different weight.

We have to throw these over our heads with a press up in between.

The finish entail's a leap frog over a large foam cylinder with a rolly-polly on the mattress and a three second balance on another foam cylinder before rugby tackling the last foam cylinder and finishing.

We do this 12 times each and it's the most fun but hardest thing I've done in my re-hab.

Again my leg doesn't have any reaction which I'm really pleased about.

12.00pm   -  After a quick lie down on Jacko's couch, it's outside.

A bit of passing and technique work followed by a 20 minute jog around the training ground.

This slowly turns into a walk for the last five minutes and trying to solve Joel's question from the morning and watching a few people tee-off on the golf course next to the training ground. 

1.45pm  -   After a spot of lunch it's back in the gym for a power session.

Most of the boys are in the gym doing their own personal bits and Jeffrey [Monakana] comes out with a classic Jeffrey comment which I can't repeat.

This boy should have his own TV show. 

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