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The Scott Laird Diaries – Day Three

10 April 2013

Despite it being the middle of March, Springfields training complex has been a cold place this year.

With the squad having the day off following the win against Notts County the previous evening, Lairdy and Joel Byrom, otherwise known as ‘the injuries’ only have the youth team for company.

And in the latest addition of the Scott Laird Diaries, the full back gives the fans an insight as to what a quiet day around the training ground has in store and talks us through his first piece of ball work in 16 weeks.

Day 3 - March 13th 2013

9.30am  -   I arrive at the training ground and get changed before getting a quick bite to eat.

There isn't any breakfast on today as there is only ‘the injuries’ in, so it's every man for himself in the canteen and getting whatever is available. 

10.00am -    You have to make sure you’re in the gym area ready for 10am sharp or it's your gut's for garters and the 'top 10 at ten' starts on Rock FM.

It's like a giant freezer in there and when the wind is up I'm sure the roof is going to rip off.

We regularly have Jeffrey Monakana coming in to do his weights in about five jumpers and three coats with a hat and gloves on!

I start today doing a 30 minute warm-up on the bike with the altitude mask on.

Next it's onto the fitness workout. 

Jacko [Matt Jackson] has dismantled the spinning bike by taking off the seat and handle bars.

Joel and I are a little puzzled then it becomes clear.

We are doing some kind of weird riding of the bike while holding onto a bar above our heads.

30 seconds on 30 seconds off for ten minutes with a two minute rest before going again. 

This gets interesting about half way through when I need to rest in one of my 30 second gaps and forget there is no seat on the bike, oooopppppssss.

11.00am  -   A bit of quick feet work then it’s outside to do the first bit of proper ball work in 16 weeks.

Some short passing and technique work is followed by some longer distance passing.

The leg and fracture site feels really good and I don't get any reaction or pain to the work.

This is fantastic news.

12.15pm   - I’m back in the gym for a weights session and a cool down.

The youth team are also in today and they've been doing some fitness runs and are now taking it in turns to get in and out of the ice bath.

This side of the game I'm not a fan of. 

Getting in a massive bath which is freezing cold, ‘I'm ok, thanks’, especially when it's freezing cold in that gym all day!

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