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The Scott Laird Diaries

8 April 2013

The defender recently returned to full training after returning from a broken leg sustained against Notts County at Deepdale.

During the last stages of his recovery, Lairdy kept a diary to give the fans an insight into his life in and around Preston North End.

Over the course of the next week, we will be publishing a diary per day, culminating in an interview with the PNE No.3 and a video of some of the training techniques he has gone through.

Welcome to the Scott Laird Diaries…

Day 1 - March 11th 2013 

7.30am    It is -2.5 when I get in the car, I am off to the Sir John Charnley wing at the Wrightington Hospital near Wigan for my 16 week X-Ray, sounds like I am having a baby!!! 

8.15am     Arrived at the hospital and I make my way to the reception and take a seat. 

Wrightington Hospital did the first hip replacement carried out by Sir John Charnley, interesting facts you learn whilst you wait! 

I have been here every 4 weeks since my injury to get assessed and X-Rayed.

Dr Clough is looking after me and has been brilliant in his synopsis, "yep, you've still got a broken leg Lairdy".

Not this time though, it's great news, the break line has disappeared and he is happy to send me on my way back to Jacko [Matt Jackson] and get me progressing onto the ball and full running.

10.10am    It's just gone 10am by the time I get into the training ground after a quick pit stop at Starbucks.

It is now -0.5 and I am first in the car park.

Management and Jacko are here preparing training for the day ahead and the Notts County game tomorrow.

Get my kit on and go for breakfast. 

Jozza [Joel Byrom] and Kingy [Jack King] are next in, Bail's [Bailey Wright] not far behind Kingy, (those two are inseparable). 

Lads are slowly coming in and the darts club congregate around the darts board, Buch's [David Buchanan], Kingy, Mous [John Mousinho], Keano [Keith Keane] and Cummo [Graeme Cummins].

To be fair it is a good standard, I snuck into a game the other day and hit a 140 just missing 180 and walked off, ha!

11.00am    Jacko has my plan for the day on the board, he is very organised this guy.

Jozza is coming back from his hernia and is keeping me company.

Kingy is on the bed moaning and groaning, he is stiff as a board after the weekend. 

We start off with a spinning session on the bikes while we wait for the 11.30am 'guess the 10 artists' on Rock FM.

We got 9/10 right last week but had a stinker today, 6/10, Kingy didn't help and is out of our team. After this we do a cardio vascular circuit.

In other words we get worked by Jacko as he stands back and shouts at us, in a loving way of course! 

Joel and I nicked his remote for the timer on the wall last week, unknown to us he had a second remote as someone tried this last season - I said he was organised. 

Joel and I then play head tennis, remember I haven't kicked a ball for 16 weeks.

I get the run around and get beat five sets to Zero, 21-7, 24-22, 23-21, 14-12, 14-8.

I will get him, mind you I am just getting myself ready for the big game against Jacko.

He's not bad, he beat Lee Trundle before he left.

12.30pm    It's lunch time, I'm not eating a lot because after lunch Joel and I are outside doing shuttle runs and then doing a leg weight circuit.

It’s just gone 1pm and there's a blizzard outside.

Jacko has us doing four sets of eight sprints and I fly down the length but coming back against the blizzard it takes me double the time, but it's all good as my leg feels a lot better and I'm running without a limp.

2.30pm    Finished the leg circuit and get myself showered and changed.

The blizzard has subsided and I'm off.

I share a car school with Stucks [Thorsten Stuckmann], Proc [Andy Procter], Garn's [Joe Garner] and young Will [Will Hayhurst], but because I have to be in early and finish later, I'm on leave from the car school till further notice.

A lot of the boys share lifts with the lads from their area, looking after the environment and mainly having a good bit of banter on the way.

3.30pm    By the time I'm through school traffic, I am home and ready with a cup of tea to watch 'The Chase' love Bradley Walsh.

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