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Desert Island Discs: Scott Laird

18 December 2013

Radio Four have been asking the question for years; if you were stranded on a desert island, which of your possessions would you want there with you?

And this season that’s exactly what we have been asking our first team squad.


To start with we spoke to PNE’s left back/left wing back Scott Laird…


You can only have one meal for the rest of the time you’re there, what would that be?

“I love jacket potato with beans!”


And one drink as well…

“I’ll have a nice scrumpy.”


You’re family are there too, and all your loved ones, but which two other people, living or deceased, would you take as well?

“Denzel Washington and Brian Laudrup.”


You can take two emergency supplies, what would they be?

“Lifetime supply of cider and an emergency supply of plasters because I will get into trouble on a desert island.”


We’re going to give you an iPod, which five artists would you have on it?

“I wouldn’t be able to use an iPod. Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Westlife, All American Rejects. This is a good one, but I need my phone in front of me right now!


You’ve got the complete works of Shakespeare with you, and a copy of the Bible, which five other books would you take?

“I’d take Fernando Torres’ autobiography, an Al Murray book – they’re funny. I can’t even read, I just like looking at pictures! Brian Laudrup’s book, some children’s story like Winnie the Pooh and a colouring book, just to keep me entertained.”


Your DVD collection is sinking in the water around you, you can only save five, which would they be?

“Man on Fire, Step Brothers, Semi Pro, Anchorman and Bambi.”


We’re giving you a TV, obviously to watch the DVDs on, but it’s only got space to record one programme, what would that be?

“Neighbours, just any one of Neighbours, it’s the best programme.”

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