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FLE: Thorsten Stuckmann

20 December 2013

Another of our features for 2013/14 sees us delve deeper into the backgrounds of the current first team squad here at Deepdale.

Kicking off our ‘First, Last, Everything’ feature, Lilywhites goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann…

The first match you attended live was…
“I think it was Schalke in a cup game against Valencia. I think it was ’97.”

What was the first professional match you played in?
“Prussia Munster against Wattenscheid.”

Which players’ name did you first get printed on the back of a shirt?
“That’s an interesting one, I think it was ‘Toni’ Schumacher.” 

What was the first film you watched at the cinema?
“The one with Michael Jordan, Space Jam.”

What was the most recent DVD you bought?
“I think The Hangover Part One.”

What was the first concert you ever went to?
“It was Robbie Williams.”

What was the last concert you went to?
“I haven’t been in the last year,  it was Lionel Ritchie!”

Where was the first place you were recognised?
“It was 2000 when I signed my first deal, my first contract for Prussia Munster.”

What was the first injury you ever had?
“The first real injury was when I broke my foot, it was 2010, my left foot.”

What was the first pet you ever had?
“A dog!”

Who was your first best friend?
“My twin brother and it is still my brother.”

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