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The Will Hayhurst Diaries – Weekend

10 June 2013

After a day off on Friday, Will is back to tell us about his weekend in Serbia and how after a second consecutive draw, the Republic of Ireland still harbour progression hopes.


10.00am - Up for breakfast, nice bowl of cereal to set my day off. 

11.00am -1.30pm - We get some relaxation time before the game later today.

1.30pm - We have a team meeting to go through how to play and what Slovakia play like and we go through set pieces and patterns of play.

Even after Serbia beat them 4-0, we can't take this game lightly because they are a good team.

2.30pm - We have our pre-match meal, everyone seems to race to get the food to get all the best bits, I’m not going to lie, I'm always near the front of the queue!

4.30pm – 8.00pm - Game Time! I’m disappointed not to be playing.

We make four changes, the pitch looked very heavy and it was a tough match but we took the lead.

Slovakia levelled in the second-half, with us wanting to win and Slovakia needing a win, the game was very open and cruelly in the 89th minute Slovakia scored, but credit to the lads, in the 91st minute we grabbed a late equaliser!

We’re still in the competition, so hoping for a big performance against Serbia and Switzerland to lose for us to go through!


10.00am - Up for breakfast, looking outside thinking this is more like it, the weather looks great!

11.00am - The ones who were on the bench went out to train.

It was a good, short, sharp, enjoyable session, but the heat just made it ten times harder, I know now why I like playing in cold weather so much!

Great weather to top up my tan because no doubt when I go back to England it will rain!

1.30pm - After having some lunch, we have four hours to relax, boredom starts to kick in with the lads and keys to people’s rooms go missing which means one thing, all the coke’s out of people's fridges go missing! 

6.00pm - After four hours, I'm starving.

Every time I'm bored I just seem to get hungry! 

Straight after food we get body fats, nightmare!!

Fortunately I don't think I'm that bad, wouldn't like to go back to Preston with a higher body fat and get fined! 

7.30pm -11.00pm - Relax and bed.

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