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Hume Kicks Off Club’s ‘Special Moments’

2 September 2013

Late last month, Lilywhites striker Iain Hume surprised PNE fan Nathan Anderton by showing up at the eight-year-old’s house in the Club’s very first ‘Special Moment’.

Nathan had written a letter to North End explaining his passion for the team and emphasising that Iain is his favourite player, giving the PNE community department the perfect opportunity to kick off their brand new ‘Special Moments’ campaign.

Hume, along with a few members of North End staff, made the short trip from Deepdale to Nathan’s house in the heart of Preston and, when the PNE fanatic opened the front door to find the Canada international forward standing in front of him, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

A star-struck Nathan was initially lost for words as his hero relaxed in his living room and prepared for a private Q&A session. 

Despite the shock, Nathan managed to muster a few questions and then took Iain into his bedroom – a shrine to North End – which was covered in everything Lilywhite.

The 29-year-old forward was clearly impressed by Nathan’s dedication to the Club and proceeded to sign all of his North End memorabilia – including the bedroom wall itself!

The rest of Nathan’s family, including a very proud father, watched on as the eight-year-old discussed tactics, managers and past games with Iain and even presented the striker with a Preston North End themed cupcake, made by Nathan himself.

A few photographs followed, and numerous neighbours began to realise just who was standing in next-door’s front garden, before Iain said his goodbyes to the lucky PNE fan.   

Of Hume’s visit, a delighted Nathan said: “I was scared and frightened when he walked through the door, I didn’t know what I was going to do!”

Meanwhile, the striker himself clearly enjoyed taking part in the ‘Special Moment’ and emphasised just how important the Club’s supporters are to the players.

“It makes it all worthwhile, I know everyone says it, but fans are the ones that come out and pay our wages and fill the stadiums for us," he said.

“They pay good money and they work hard to come and watch us so it’s our pleasure to do this.”

Hume was particularly impressed with Nathan’s one-club philosophy, despite the draw that so many Premier League clubs can have on the younger generation of football fans.

“An eight-year-old lad who supports a Club like us, when you’ve got all the big Premier League clubs around the world that he could easily jump on the bandwagon with, but no.

“You see the state of his bedroom, it’s unbelievable to honest.”

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