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First Last Everything: Tom Clarke

10 January 2014

In the last edition of my first, my last, my everything we found out that Joel Byrom had a successful cricketing career with Lancashire’s U15 county side.

Now it’s the turn of super Tommy Clarke, to tell us his firsts, lasts and everything.

So Tom, what was the first and last… 

Match you attended?
“Probably just a Huddersfield one when I was younger. The last one was probably a Manchester United one.”

Professional match you played in?
“Milton Keynes Dons away was the first.”

Professional goal?
“My first professional goal was against Blackpool for Huddersfield!”

Name on shirt?
“I was a Villa fan so my first was probably Southgate.”

Film at the cinema?
“The last one I went to see was Hangover 3, but I can’t remember the first one.”

Album bought?
“Last one was the Jay-Z one. The first was an Oasis one.”

DVD bought?
“Inception was the last one. The first one was Wallace and Gromit.”

“I don’t go to gigs much… Party in the Park was the last ‘gig.’”

You were recognised?
“I was first recognised after I’d played in a first team game on a night out.”

“When I was 18. I did my knee in.”

“My first was a hamster called Yorkie after Dwight Yorke and now I have dog.”

Best friend in football?
“Probably Lee Novak.”

Squad Number?
“My first was 36.”

Signature dish?
“Sausage casserole.”

TV theme tune?
“Coronation Street.”

Do you have any tattoos, if so what are they?
“Yes, just religious tattoos really.”

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
“Owen Wilson.”

How much is a pint of milk?
“A pound or something.”

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