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Fan Behaviour

26 November 2014

Preston North End have received a letter from the FA in relation to recent fan behaviour at away matches for the second time this season.

Whilst it is widely accepted and appreciated that Preston North End have a terrific away following in League One and in cup competitions, recently a small minority of our travelling fan base have caused problems for the Club and the vast majority of our excellent supporters.

After recent events at Rochdale and most recently Bristol City on Saturday; on a day in which five pyrotechnic devices were recovered by the authorities, the Club have again received a letter from the Football Association in relation to the behaviour of our fans – in particularly the use of pyrotechnics.

The Club now need to respond to these charges and sanctions could include a reduced allocation of tickets for away matches and/or financial penalties which would of course be to the detriment of our playing squad which ultimately hinders our chances of promotion back to the Championship – something everyone associated with Preston North End is striving towards.

With this being the second time such a letter has been received by the Club, we feel it is vitally important than the Club reiterates our stance that detrimental behaviour, no matter how small the numbers involved are, will not be accepted by the Club in any way, shape or form.

We urge the small minority to please behave respectfully and to back the manager and the players like the vast majority of our support do when visiting other stadiums so we can all move forward together in achieving our ultimate goal – promotion.

In addition to the above, the Club have also received complaints recently from our own supporters, many of whom bring children to matches and will now not be attending.

All clubs need the next generation of supporters to look forward to coming to matches so that we can continue to grow our fan base – we pride ourselves on being a family Club, and to hear that families will now refuse to attend is both disappointing and frustrating from a Club perspective giving the time and effort put into making the matchday experience a positive one for all.

Once again we reiterate our stance in asking everyone who attends matches at Deepdale and around England supporting the Club to behave in a respectful manner to all otherwise the consequences will affect each and every one of us.

Thank you.

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