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Top Fives – John Welsh

14 July 2015

In the Boxing Day edition, we felt it necessary to have a Christmas question for John Welsh – after we find out who the slowest in the team is!

1 – Top five things about being a Scouser
1.    The accent is unique
2.    The Beatles
3.    Our sense of humour
4.    ‘Calm down, calm down’
5.    Getting accused of being on the rob every week!
2 – Top five things to do with a summer off

1.    Spend time with my family
2.    Go on holiday
3.    Sunshine
4.    Beer
5.    Watching any big tournaments like the World Cup or European Championships
3 – Top five games played in
1.    My debut for Liverpool against Ipswich Town in the League Cup
2.    Beating Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in the cup on penalties
3.    The Blackpool game!
4.    The match against Swindon Town at Deepdale which we won 4-1 and I scored my first goal
5.    My first league goals for Hull City against Coventry City

(We’re pretty sure Welshy’s Play-Off Final appearance could be a new contender for the number one spot if asked this question now!)
4 – Top five Liverpool heroes
1.    John Barnes
2.    Kenny Dalglish
3.    Kevin Keegan
4.    Bill Shankly
5.    Steven Gerrard
5 – Top five holiday destinations
1.    Orlando
2.    Cancun
3.    Albufeira
4.    Miami
5.    Turkey
6 – Top five players played against

1.    Thierry Henry
2.    Robert Pires
3.    Jay Jay Okocha
4.    Fernando Torres
5.    Carlos Tevez
7 – Top five slowest players in the 2014/15 squad
1.    Me!
2.    Steven James
3.    Paul Gallagher (he’ll go mad!)
4.    Thorsten Stuckmann
5.    Jamie Jones
8 – Top five movies
1.    Scarface
2.    The Lion King
3.    The Notebook
4.    Shawshank Redemption
5.    Cars – I have had to watch that god knows how many times with the kids!
9 – Top five things about Christmas
1.    Getting presents
2.    Christmas dinner
3.    Seeing my kids’ faces when they open their presents
4.    Family traditions
5.    Everyone being together as a family

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