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20 Questions... With Jayden Stockley

30 March 2020

Taking the 20 questions challenge set by The One And Only matchday programme today is Jayden Stockley, who is probably doing plenty home schooling at present in line with his first answer!

1. What job would you have done if you hadn't been a footballer?
I think I would have been a teacher, something in education.

2. Which club, apart from PNE, do you support?
Manchester United.

3. Who was your football mentor growing up?
My dad sacrificed a lot for me, taking me all over.

4. Who was your football hero as a youngster?
Wayne Rooney.

5. Which manager gave you your league debut?
Eddie Howe, at AFC Bournemouth.

6. If you think back to one special moment in your career so far, what is it?
Given a chance to play every week at Exeter City with Paul Tisdale.

7. Do you go and watch any other clubs/sport?
I love my cricket, now I am in the north, I like to go and watch Lancashire.

8. What's your pre-match meal?
I fancy myself as a bit of a chef, so it’s something different every time, it usually involves fish though.

9. Do you still get nervous before games and, if so, what do you do to keep calm?
Not any more, I used to when I was younger.

10. Any team-mates who are particularly stylish?
Clarkey [Tom Clarke]. He has the best combinations, I am not a logo man, I hate big logos and brands so they are a no-go for me.

11. Who has the best one-liners at PNE?
Bill Bodin is good, he’s witty and has a dry sense of humour. He puts good stuff on the group chat.

12. What's the best thing about being a footballer?
Inspiring the youth.

13. What's the worst thing about being a footballer?
Injuries, loss of form, losing, moving house.

14. What was the last music concert you went to (if any!)?
The Killers and Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds at Hyde Park.

15. Who do you room with on away trips? 
Bill [Bodin], he is my buddy. I played with him at Torquay United so we know each other well.

16. How does it feel to put on a PNE shirt?
It’s an honour, it’s a passionate club.

17. What car do you drive?

18. Which team do you particularly look forward to facing?
No one really, they are all the same to me.

19. Can you do impressions of anyone?
With this accent? My accent is horrendous, so it’s a no.

20. Any superstitions?
I like wearing white socks.

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