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Matchday Draw

The Matchday draw is a chance for PNE fans to win cash prizes by purchasing a ticket as they come to support their team.

The funds raised by the Matchday Draw are split in half - half will go towards supporting the PNE Academy and the other half will be given to the two lucky winners.

Winners of the first and second prizes in the competition will receive cash prizes. The amounts that the winners receive increases with the amount of tickets sold, meaning that the more fans buy the tickets the more the fans win. 

Tickets for the draw start from £1 and will be available around the ground and at half-time. 

Where does the money go?

All profits from the Matchday Draw will go towards supporting the PNE Academy and making sure that North End’s future first-teamers have the best possible chance of developing themselves at the club. Profits will only equate to half of the sales as the other half of the sales is given back to the fans, two cash prize winners will receive the rest of the money raised

Who can buy a Matchday Draw ticket?

Matchday Draw tickets are available to any person that is aged 16 or over and proof of age for those buying tickets may be required.

Where can I buy a ticket for the Matchday Draw?

Tickets for the matchday draw are available all around the ground and on the concourses but in addition to past years of the Matchday Draw, tickets are also available at half-time, giving you more opportunity to buy your ticket for the draw.

Where can I find the results?

The winners of the Matchday draw will be announced on the big screen ten minutes into the second-half of the match, and will be here on the lottery section of the official website. The results are also posted on the club's official Twitter and Facebook accounts.


First Prize: £150 Winning Number: WGA-242385
Second Prize: £60 Winning Number: WGA-292400

First Prize: £100 Winning Number: WBA-150684
Second Prize: £40 Winning Number: WBA-465746

Prize: £102 Winning Number: RDG-253097

First Prize: £119 Winning Number: BW-438457
Second Prize: £50 Winning Number: BW-294751

First Prize: £117 Winning Number: STK-278157
Second Prize: £50 Winning Number: STK-573429

Prize: £98 Winning Number: MFC-320928

First Prize: £169 Winning Number: QPR-538441 
Second Prize: £50 Winning Number: QPR-577123 £50