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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are Preston North End Community and Education Trust [PNECET], the official charity of Preston North End Football Club.

Utilising the power and appeal of Preston North End Football Club and football as a whole, we situate ourselves at the heart of the Preston community, providing a high-quality service to improve people's lives. Our provision is centred around Community Engagement, Education, and Health and Wellbeing.

Our services connect people from all walks of life, supporting people to achieve their goals and helping them to make positive changes, ultimately creating a safer, stronger and more resilient community.

PNECET is a self-financed department of Preston North End Football Club, generating funds by working with partners such as the EFL Trust, the Premier League Charitable Fund and Sport England.

The Trust engaged with 13,000 individuals during the unprecedented year that was 2020; leading to its success at the 2020 North West Football Awards, winning the Community Club of the Season award for all other leagues.

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The Trust has a long and proud history of serving its community through football, and the club were at the forefront of the initiative in its humble beginnings that has led the way for others to follow. 

Preston North End were one of six north west football clubs to set up a community programme in 1986 that would place the football club as the focal point for community sport and activity.

Starting out as the ‘Football in the Community programme’, spearheading the project was former PNE centre back Mick Baxter, the club’s first ever community officer who stated five primary objectives of the company. These were:

  •  To provide temporary employment and training for unemployed people.
  •  To promote closer links between professional football clubs and the community.
  •  Involve minority and ethnic groups in social and recreational activities.
  •  Prevent acts of hooliganism and vandalism by a programme of talks and visits involving professional players.
  •  Maximise the facilities of the club.

Mick was the club’s community officer for three-years before his untimely passing at the age of just 32. 

The mantle was left to former player and now the PFA’s Assistant Director of Education, Oshor Williams to fill, and despite taking over in such tragic circumstances, the programme, under the fellowship of Oshor continued to grow with more programmes and more participants than ever before.


“My two years as the PNE Community Officer were invaluable and helped me develop myself as a person. It helped me realise the impact players can make simply by using a little of their time to give something back to the game and the fans who sustain the industry.”

Oshor Williams: Former Player and PNE Community Officer and Current Assistant Director of Education at the PFA


Over 30-years on, the Trust has progressed into putting Preston North End at the forefront of community activity based on the fundamental principles it delivers. From delivering fun, engaging sessions to primary school children, to getting more women and girls participating in sport, the Trust serves a purpose to empower individuals to improve their lives and their environment.

Mission Statement

PNECET aims to connect people, inspire generations and help people to achieve their goals, through their three main strands of work:

  • Community Engagement: Delivering initiatives to create a safer, stronger and more resilient community.
  • Education: To provide an education pathway for all to help people achieve their goals.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Tackling the health inequalities across Preston by supporting people to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

Mission Statement


PNECET has four key values that underpin both its team and its service.

We are Preston North End Community and Education Trust, and our team is:

HOLISTIC: We strive to be holistic, with our participants at the heart of our provision, developing their physical, mental and emotional health, while taking social factors into consideration.

CREATIVE: We are creative in our approach, encouraging employees to seek or create the best solutions, show a willingness to experiment, take calculated risks and challenges.

AMBITIOUS: We always strive to be a forward-thinking organisation that delivers the best possible outcomes and continuously improves and grows.

PASSIONATE: We employ passionate individuals, who provide high-quality services, that are inspiring to our community to help drive a positive change.

Our Values pNECET.jpg

We are Preston North End Community and Education Trust, and our service is:

SUSTAINABLE: We know that providing a service that our community can rely on will be sustainable and leave a lasting legacy.

EFFICIENT: We know that being efficient not only produces results, but it does so with minimum wasted effort or expense.

EMPOWERING: We believe that providing the correct tools and environment for our team and participants will increase independence and self-determination, to enable them to represent themselves and their community in a positive way.

DIVERSE: We believe that cultural perspectives can inspire our creativity and drive innovation in our community.

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