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National Citizen Service

What Is NCS?

National Citizen Service (NCS) is an experience not to be missed.

Preston North End deliver the NCS programme throughout the year - so if you're 15 to 17-years-old, you can enjoy new experiences and unique challenges whilst making your mark building skills for work and life.

NCS invest over £1000 in each of our participants and Government backing means that it costs just £50 per person and sometimes even cheaper! This includes all meals and activities for the full two weeks representing great value for money for parents.

Bursaries are available on a case by case basis and support is provided for young people with additional needs.

To express your interest in Preston North End's NCS Summer Programme, click here.

But what is NCS all about? Explore below to find out more about a summer experience you'll never forget.

Phase One Adventure

It's the start of your NCS adventure and the challenges begin from minute one!

You'll spend your first week at an outward bound facility away from home and become accustomed to action packed activities like canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling and archery.

Whilst taking part in such adrenaline-fuelled challenges, you'll do it alongside tens of other people of a similar age where friendships and life changing experiences start from here.

Phase Two: Discovery

Now that you've got to know your group and took on new challenges it's your chance to discover something new.

With the same group of people, you'll spend week two in a uni-style environment where independence, communication and leadership are at the forefront of your development enabling you to boost your CV and or UCAS personal statement. 

It's your chance to meeting organisation and important people from your community whilst discovering something new about yourself.

Phase Three: Social Action

Put what you've learnt into practise!

All of your fun, all of your development and all of your inspiration from the first two weeks comes into one for this phase. You're now ready to step up and deliver your very own social action project. So it's time to plan and work out where your community needs you the most.

Once you've planned a social action project, it's time for you to deliver it, this is your chance to make a difference, have some amazing stories to tell and be part of something you'll never forget!

Phase Four: Graduation

It's time to celebrate!

Once you've completed your community action project, it's time to celebrate at a graduation party where you'll receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minster and gain access to unique opportunities to keep volunteering and stay connected to your local area and NCS.

You'll typically be presented with your certificate at Deepdale where you'll be given a free ticket to watch Preston North End in action whilst presented with your certificate on the pitch at half-time.

Sign Up For Summer 2021!

So now that you know what the NCS consists of, make a note of the dates below and register your interest further down this article and get set for a summer of a lifetime!

Two-week programme: Monday 12th July - Friday 23rd July
Three-week programme: Monday 26th July - Friday 13th August