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PL Primary Stars Programme

Preston North End Community and Education Trust reaches out to primary schools within the wards of Preston, promoting healthy active lifestyles and delivering key messages to create healthier and more positive futures for children in the Preston area.

Utilising the framework of the National Curriculum and the Premier League’s Primary Stars Programme, the Trust’s delivery to primary schools in Preston aims to develop the skills and ambitions of girls and boys aged five to 11-years-old both on and off the sports field.

Sessions are tailored to both KS1 and KS2 primary school children; whilst its KS1 delivery is based around creativity, confidence building and communication focusing on ‘Fundamental Movement Skills’, Its KS2 programme sees pupils build upon their skills by developing an understanding of how to improve different physical activities alongside learning how to evaluate and recognise their participants’ own success.

The Trust applies an array of sporting examples throughout their programmes to promote equality and diversity, encouraging life skills such as teamwork and resilience whilst promoting key messages such as anti-bullying to local schools in PNE’s catchment area. This includes regular player visits into schools from PNE players to ensure children are left both educated and inspired.

PNECET’s delivery is both varied and inclusive with its coaches focused on developing the child’s physical literacy, enhancing their learning and teaching them relevant life skills and behaviours to various ages and abilities.

The Trust believes by increasing children’s participation, enjoyment and skills in sport, it secures a focus in the child’s development in their personal skills, values and helps them attain more confidence in other subjects such as English and Maths through specialised targeted groups.

Its delivery also aims to support young people to take part in sport outside school, furthering their interest in sport with a particular emphasis on football and Preston North End.

To find out more about the work we do in schools, or to get your school involved in PNE's PL Primary Stars Programme, contact us on 01772 693309 or email

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The Development Squad programme reaches out to all participants who are both, ambitious and hard to reach within physical activities. The curriculum inspires ambition and imagination, as well as building confidence and communication levels with the differentiation of practical to theory.

The programme helps participants build upon their knowledge of sport, as well as developing the skills required to confidently create and deliver small sided games, using appropriate communication skills with other children the same age effectively. It also opens up a possibility early on within sport, looking into one of the pathways in which sport can create.

Preston North End’s Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Programme, otherwise known as H.E.L.P is designed to educate primary school children into living a healthy and active lifestyle.

The six week programme aims to help children identify healthy and unhealthy foods, make healthy swaps, learn about their body and what it needs to stay healthy, hygienic and active.

PNECET is able to deliver a unique programme by using real life examples from behind the scenes giving insights from their very own first team players.

Hosted Schools CompetitionThroughout the academic year, our Primary Stars Team are responsible for hosting various competitions/festivals for schools to enter, allowing pupils to represent their school with pride and potentially Preston North End.

Kinder+Sport EFL Kids Cup

The Kinder+Sport EFL Kids Cup sees Community Trusts up and down the country host tournaments to their local area including Preston North End who are committed to offering pupils the chance of representing their school and Preston North End.

The competition, which inspires children to be active, healthy, and develop a strong sense of teamwork sees North End invite all schools in its cachment area to compete in the six a side competition for U11 school children.

The winners of that competition earn the right to represent Preston North End in the Area Regional and National phases of the competition, where they will face schools representing other League clubs.

The winners of the competition will then represent their respected club at Wembley Stadium in front of thousands of fans before a major national final before the Championship Play-Off Final in May.

In addition to the said tournament, the Premier League Primary Stars Team at Preston North End host various tournaments throughout the year to a variety of primary school age - from its KS1 Football Festival to its Multi-sports competition.

To find out more, or to get your school involved, contact the Trust on 01772 693309 or email

Continual Professional Development

As part of the Premier League Primary Stars Programme, the Trust aims to extend its education to primary school teachers as well as its pupils. Alongside the children’s learning, PNECET will focus on mentoring primary school teachers so that they can confidently deliver more productive PE and school sport in their schools, ultimately increasing the teacher and the children’s enjoyment, participation and skills in sport and other physical activity.

Primary school teachers who do not specialise in Physical Education have spent on average just six hours studying PE during their qualification, an alarming figure which the Trust aims to combat.

Due to the above figures, PNECET recognises that many primary school teachers are not confident with the planning and delivery of Physical Education to their class. Thus highlighting the importance and requirement of professional help so that they are undertaking continuous professional development with PNECET enabling them to feel comfortable and confident when delivering PE to primary school children.

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