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Weight Management Programme

Weight Management Programme

PNECET will be the provider of the tier two weight management programme in Preston over the next two years, from 2021, aiming to halt the continued rise in unhealthy weight prevalence in adults and reverse that trend.

The service will consist of an evidence-based, accessible tier two weight management service for adults aged 18 and over, supporting people with a Body Mass Index [BMI] between 30 and 39.9 to lose weight, maintain their weight loss, and improve their knowledge and skills.

As part of a multi-component service, PNECET staff will offer advice and motivation in relation to diet and behaviour change, promoting increased physical activity while forming an integral part of the NHS health checks care pathway and wider obesity pathways.

The Trust will link with its wider programmes, which promote physical activity in localities, according to local need; connecting with other provision in the community.

Overweight and obesity presents a major challenge to the current and future health of the local population. A higher BMI is associated with an increased risk of risk of morbidity and mortality and also contributes to increased social care costs.

An estimated 16 per cent of adults within the Preston City Council boundary are obese, with 59.8 per cent of those being overweight; equivalent to more than 84,000 people.

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PNECET Secures Weight Management Contract To Tackle Obesity

30 March 2021

Preston North End Community and Education Trust has secured a contract from Lancashire County Council to deliver a tier two weight management programme in Preston for the next two years.

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