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FIT LILYWHITES Score Highest Weight Loss To Win EFL Cup Tickets

13 February 2023

Preston North End Community and Education Trust's [PNECET] female FIT LILYWHITES are heading to Wembley Stadium to watch the EFL Cup Final, after they scored the highest average weight loss across all 33 qualifying cohorts in the country.

Supported by the EFL Trust, FIT LILYWHITES is a free health programme for men and women aged 35-65 who are looking to lose weight, improve their fitness and lead a more active lifestyle.

Spanning across 12 weeks, they took part in circuit training, walking, resistance band work-outs, yoga, zumba and rugby passing, all whilst being supported every step of the way by PNECET coaches.

With the group consisting of 34 members altogether, the average weight lost was 2.91kg per person and one individual lost the highest kg of 11.6 - emphasising the great strides and progress made by the group.

Within the classroom, the group learnt about the Eatwell guide, tips to eat healthier and taking care of their mental health, as well as how to deal with setbacks. They also kept food diaries.

As a reward for their fantastic progress and dedication, the FIT LILYWHITES will be heading to Wembley on Sunday 26th February to watch Manchester United versus Newcastle United in the EFL Cup Final (otherwise known as the Carabao Cup) in what is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“It is an amazing achievement by the ladies, one of which we are very proud of,” said Grace Birtwell, Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator at PNECET.

“They are a highly motivated and supportive group who were really enthusiastic about the physical activity element and working their hardest to improve their fitness.

“They are all very excited about this special day out at Wembley and looking forward to catching up with each other now the programme has concluded.”

For more information about our FIT LILYWHITES provision, please head to the Health and Wellbeing section of or get in contact with

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