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Covid-19 Certification At Deepdale

Supporters wishing to attend forthcoming fixtures at Deepdale are required to provide evidence of their Covid-19 certification to enter the stadium, whether this be in the form of a vaccination pass or proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test.

Due to current Government legislation, all those aged 18 or over attending games at Deepdale must present a valid NHS Covid Pass, whether this is in the form of a vaccination pass or proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test.

This applies to all supporters, both home and away, as well as any carers or personal assistants who are attending with disabled supporters.

Checks will be carried out at the turnstiles at Deepdale on entry to the stadium, and supporters are encouraged to arrive early to avoid any potentially long queues ahead of kick-off.

Supporters will be required to wear a face mask when indoors, for example in the concourse or in hospitality areas, unless eating or drinking.

Details on what an NHS Covid Pass is and how you can get yours can be found below.

The NHS Covid Pass shows your coronavirus vaccination details or recent test result. It is your current Covid-19 status and can be provided with one of the following:

  • A digital NHS Covid Pass
  • A paper NHS Covid Pass letter (please note, the vaccination card you received when having your vaccination cannot be accepted)
  • A negative Lateral Flow Test result within the 48 hours before kick-off

The most simple may of obtaining certification is with the Covid Pass through the NHS app or website.

Your Covid Pass can be generated on the app if you have been fully vaccinated over two weeks prior, if you have returned a negative Covid test in the previous 48 hours or if you have registered a medical exemption with the NHS.

Due to signal issues in crowded areas, supporters are advised to download their pass to their device or screenshot it before arriving at the stadium

Additional checks may delay your entry time to the ground so supporters are urged to save any online pass to your device, such as in an Apple Wallet if you have an iPhone, so that you can access the pass offline and not rely on signal at the stadium.

To add your NHS Covid Pass to the device’s wallet, tap the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button within the NHS Covid Pass service.

Please note that if you store an offline version of your NHS Covid Pass into your Apple Wallet it will only be valid until the expiry date shown on the Covid Pass. The expiry date will not refresh automatically. This means you will need to store an updated NHS Covid Pass to your Apple Wallet before you next plan to use it if your original Covid Pass has or is due to expire.

You can receive a paper copy of your Covid-19 status. Please carry this with you so you can show your Covid-19 status when attending a match.  

Supporters who are over 18, fully vaccinated and registered with a GP surgery, but do not have the ability to obtain a digital passport through a computer, tablet or smartphone can request a paper NHS Covid pass.

Also, supporters who do not have photographic ID must register for the paper NHS Covid pass.

Supporters should wait five working days after the final dose of the vaccination before requesting the paper copy.

To request a paper NHS Covid pass, click here or call 119.

Please note, this can take up to ten working days to arrive, therefore supporters who must use this service are recommended to do so as soon as possible. Paper vaccination cards will not be accepted.

Those who are not fully vaccinated and are over the age of 18 must have a recent negative Lateral Flow Test result to attend any fixture/event with more than 10,000 people.

Lateral Flow Tests are available for free from your local test centre or pharmacy. You can also order tests here.  

The tests must be taken at home in the 48 hours prior to attending games at Deepdale.

Within the Lateral Flow Test kit, there are clear instructions on how to take the test and record the results. It is imperative that supporters do not bring their physical test with them, but record the result with the NHS.

This can be done by clicking here or calling 119. When the result has been recorded, you will receive a text message and email from the NHS. This is deemed as a valid NHS Covid pass.

Supporters who live outside the UK are able to use an equivalent pass to the NHS Covid pass issued in their country as evidence of vaccinations.

These include the European EU Digital Covid certification or US CDC vaccination card.

Please follow your own country’s guidance prior to traveling to the UK. You can find the Government’s guidance on entering the UK here.

Supporters who have any queries which have not been answered above can contact the Deepdale ticket office either in person, over the phone on 0344 856 1966 or by emailing